Hourly Oracle by Email – BETA


You will get up to 8 Emails daily from the Cryptai Oracle telling you which Crypto Asset she feels hot about during the BETA.

The High Frequency Beta is currently CLOSED until our next release. Please sign up for our Cryptai News to receive a $50 Discount Coupon, good for 1 Free month of the Daily Oracle by Email. The Daily Oracle outperformed BTC by over 10,000% in 2017 and is very easy to use!

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Prepare for Ultra growth. The Cryptai Oracle is training her high frequency thoughts.  Request an invitation to try hourly signals from the Oracle by Email medium during our BETA. Get signals up to 8 times per day from the Oracle by Email medium.

Additional information


1 Month Outperform BTC 184%, ETH 192%


Monthly Asset Growth in USD 305%


Approximately 10 per Month


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